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2022/2023 Schedule & Fees

Below is a breakdown of your financial commitment to RCVA. As parents of athletes that have played travel we understand the commitment of not only the time but the financial part and what it can take to give our kids this opportunity. Although this is a business and we need to make sure fees are collected we are here to help in any way we can. If you are in need of assistance check out our Financial Assistance Program. Also at any time there is a change in your financial situation please talk to us and we are willing to assist in any way that we can to make sure your athlete gets to stay on the court.
  • Tryout fee: $125: this includes the tryout T-shirt, time in the gym(coaches pay, etc.) and admin cost. $75 is refunded if you do not make a team or fail to show for tryouts. ($50 is non refundable) There is no refund for those that make a team and turn down the offer. 


  • Once selected for the team you will need to do your USAV membership $55 and your AAU membership $16 once we have emailed you the information.


  • Once you are selected for a team you will be given the Financial Contract to sign. This must be signed and returned within 48 hours with a $300 (or full deposit $600) deposit paid to reserve your spot on the team.


  • The additional deposit of $300 must be paid by November 1st, 2022 (or before)


  • The deposit is applied to your total bill. The remainder of fees due will be divided by 8 months and is due by the 5th of each month from December 5th to July 5th.


  • Fees may be paid by check, ACH debit withdrawal, or a credit card on file. There will be a 3.5% charge on all credit card payments. (So to avoid those please pay by check or ACH debit)


  • Total fees include: Uniforms, gym space, equipment, Athlete Hotels (minus Girls Nationals) Tournament entry fees, Coaches pay, Coaches travel expenses, admin.
    ** Fees do not include travel to and from the tournaments
    ** Fees do not include anything for parents that choose to travel.

Girls 18’s Nationals Total: $4,200

Girls 17’s and 16’s Nationals Total: $4,800

Girls 15’s and 14’s Nationals Total: $4,200

Girls 13’s East Coast Total: $4,000

Girls 14’s - 17’s East Coast Total: $3,500

Boys 17, 18’s National, 18’s National Blue Total: $3,800

Boys 16’s National Total: $3,600

Boys 17, 16’s East Coast Total: $3,000

Boys 15’s East Coast and EC-Blue Total: $3,000

Boys 14’s East Coast Total: $2,400

Additional teams and team levels may be added 

(Minus $600 deposit) $450 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $525 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $450 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $425 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $362.50 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $400 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $375 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $300 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $300 per month

(Minus $600 deposit) $225 per month

All depends on numbers at tryouts.

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